Meet The Host

Meet the host of Growing Accountant

As a self-made entrepreneur, Naren Arulrajah understands the hard work, long hours, and travel necessary for professional achievement – often at the expense of personal life. His vision for the Growing Accountant podcast series stems from that insight. He became invested in both the professional success of clients, as well as their work-life balance. Naren realized that he could help others by bringing them together, and a digital platform made great sense. Keep reading to “meet” the host of Growing Accountant and learn more about his mission.

An entrepreneurial journey

Naren believes that success can only taste its sweetest for those who have sampled the bitter tang of failure. His entrepreneurial journey started early in life, with many bumps and roadblocks along the way. These experiences taught Naren not to give up – to hold strong in the belief of a good idea and to welcome the expertise of others, as success cannot happen in isolation. This philosophy has served him well, with far-reaching positive impact on his relationships with many individuals.
Naren Arulrajah

Service and excellence

As a true visionary, Naren embodies the unique ability to instill his passion for service to others and excellence in outcomes to those around him. Through extensive work with doctors, accountants, law professionals, coaches, consultants, and business experts, he developed an understanding of the challenges they face in their work and in their personal lives. He came to realize his role in bringing talented individuals together to create an improved marketplace for consumers, where professionals can thrive.

Broad-based background

Naren’s academic background and vast experience ranges from IT to digital marketing and beyond. He is a published author, and founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing. As host of Growing Accountant, Naren interviews business professionals with an easy, relaxed style that makes it a pleasure to listen to the podcasts.

His vision for Growing Accountant was simple – help hard-working accountants achieve the rewards and recognition they deserve through a network of sharing. That vision became a reality with the first podcast, and it continues with each episode.

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